Working From Home – Top Productivity Tips

Working From Home –

Did you know that more than 13 million Americans find themselves working from home at least part of the work week?

Having a work from home job isn’t always easy — it requires managing your time and balancing work and home

Working from Home – the Benefits

The potential benefits of working from home are many. They include less time in rush hour traffic or on a sweaty subway – saving time, energy and money – to less stress, being able to make or take personal phone calls, having the freedom to work in your pajamas if you choose (I’ll address that below), reduced meal expenses compared to buying lunch out every day… the list goes on.

Working from Home – Is the Grass Always Greener?

Not everyone is ready to dump the workplace for a home office or work-from-Starbucks lifestyle.

It requires self-discipline and personal motivation to produce results when there’s no one else to hold you accountable.

Here are some work from home tips I’ve learned that help me stay productive:

Working from Home Tip 1 – Set a schedule.

Working from Home Tip 2 – Create a Workspace for Work.

Working from Home Tip 3 – Schedule Set Times for Email and Social Media

Working from Home Tip 4 – Get Outside

Working from Home Tip 5 – Be Professional

Working from Home Tip 6 – Use a Stopwatch

Working from Home Tip 7 – Take a Break

Working from Home Tip 8 – Drink Water

Working from Home Tip 9 – Schedule Some Face-to-Face Time

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