Quitting Your Job to Work From Home (3 tips)

If you want to quit your job to work from home or start an online business, this video is for you. I cover the 3 things I would do if I currently had to work a job and wanted to quit and make the transition online! Let me know if you have any questions.

Quitting your job to pursue your own dream is scary.

Some people are able to pull it off…

Some people fail miserably.

In this video, I reveal these tips to help you finally quit your job to work from home:

#1 – Grow your confidence with business by creating a side business WHILE you work your job. Some people are able to succeed by going all in and quitting the job first, then starting a business. But most people can’t handle this pressure. This is why I always recommend that you sacrifice your leisure time to instead create a business. Work 2-3 hours per day on a side business.

#2 – Once your business income succeeds TWICE your job income, then quit the job.

#3 – I also recommend that you have 6-12 months of nest-egg money before you quit your job. Make sure you can survive 12 months without ANY extra income coming in. This will give your mind some clearness which you can then direct towards creating your online business or online job.

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