How to Be Productive Working From Home

Working from home tends to have this glamorous, free-spirited aura around it, but if you’ve ever worked from home for extended periods of time then you probably know that it can often be the exact opposite of glamorous. I’ve been working from home for the better part of the last decade and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that setting boundaries isn’t easy but it’s necessary. For me, the line between my personal and professional life got so blurry I was never truly present for either one. I was exhausted, working at hours that made me less productive and I felt like I had to please everyone all the time. Over the years, I’ve worked hard to set boundaries and strive for a balance that allows me to be creative, get my work done and replenish myself. Life is always shifting and my routine changes on the outside but the core is always the same: you must nurture yourself in order to nurture your work.

NYT article mentioned about night owls + morning people:

I’m in the process of slowly decorating and putting my place together. I’ll be sharing updates in real-time on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me if you’d like to see everything!

WEEKLY UPDATE: Okay, this is pretty exciting because I’m currently typing this update from a REAL DESK in my office. It feels sooooo good! This room is really coming together and it’s wonderful to have a space filled with lovely natural daylight. As of this morning, all the shelves for the office have arrived and they’ll be put up next week. That means I’ll FINALLY be able to unpack some of those boxes you saw in my apartment tour last week. They’re filled with books and personal trinkets I’ve collected over the years and I can’t wait to be surrounded by them again. On a personal note, things have been a very mixed bag. I’ve been pretty sad due to a death in my immediate family but on the other hand, my life in NYC has been so incredibly enriching. Grieving is difficult and it’s a process I live with every day with multiple people in my heart, but what I’ve learned about grief is that it’s a vital part of life. It means you have love and been loved, in all its complex and varied shades. It’s hard holding space for contradictory truths and emotions, but this is the work of being alive and I’m here to live this life, one step at a time. ❤️






My NYC Apartment Tour:



Pajamas: Suuuuuuper old Wildfox Jumper that I still love. Pants were a gift from my mom.

Dress: from & Other Stories (this was gifted to me)


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