Work from Home Tips for First-Timers: 4 Things to Consider Are you currently finding yourself having to work from home and aren’t quite sure how to make it a smooth transition? Let’s take a look at a few work from home tips for first-timers.

Given the current circumstances, many businesses are now advising their employees to begin working for home. While that might sound exciting to some, others might be more hesitant about the idea and curious how the can remain productive while operating out of their abode. If you’re new to the remote work, here are a few tips and things to consider that might help you ease the transition.

My first tip for those adjusting to working from home is to take the time to explore the features and options of whatever team software your company is using

As companies have moved to a remote workforce, many have employed various services such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. If you’ve never used these platforms before, it’s definitely worth taking the time to look around and adjust settings as needed. For example, as someone familar with Slack, I find it incredibly helpful to be able to mute certain channels, elect to be notified if you’re mentioned directly, and mute alerts after a certain hour. To help you figure out what options you have and what to adjust, you may want to search for any tutorials offered, ask a coworker, or search YouTube for more specific how-tos.

Next, you’ll want to decide if you’d rather stick to your regular morning routine or take advantage of your newfound freedom

In some cases, those making the move from office life to a work-from-home setup might function best by keeping their general morning routine, including showering, getting dressed, and having breakfast. Meanwhile, other workers might want to make the most of their situation, sleeping in a bit and staying in their PJs. Neither of these is wrong, and in fact you may want to make adjustments as your remote work experiment continues

Similarly, while i’d generally advise that it’s important to have a dedicated work area, it can be nice to mix things up and take your laptop to the couch or a bed. Ultimately, whatever you find is most helpful for your personal productivity is probably what you should do.

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to let your day extend beyond normal business hours, however you can make efforts to prevent this

Despite the number of workers who now operate remotely, there is still a perception among song that people who work at home don’t really do anything. Because of this, you might feel the need to overcompensate. However, you should combat this notion and take into consideration what a day in the office would look like.

For example, if you typically take an hour-long lunch break, do the same at home and use the time as you see fit. Similarily, don’t feel bad about taking shorter breaks during the day — or even video chatting with a friend or coworker if you’re missing that social connection.

Also, when the day is done, let yourself stop working! As I alluded to, adjusting the notification settings in your team software can help you with this step.

Finally, if you find that you enjoy the work-from-home lifestyle, it may be worth considering whether you’d like to do more in the future

Should you discover that actually really enjoy working remotely, it may be worth considering asking your company if you might be able to do more of it even after things blow over. Depending on the situation, they may be open to you doing so — or at least working a hybrid schedule. Of course, if they aren’t so keen on the idea and you now have your heart set on a work-from-home gig, there are plenty of location independent jobs to be had. That said, it’s probably a good idea to wait until this current crisis is over before making any major career decisions.

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