Paid social media jobs Reviews,manager ,work from home, freelance, specialist, Tips, Tricks , Guide

Paid social media jobs Reviews,manager ,work from home, freelance, specialist, Tips, Tricks , Guide
Paid social media jobs Reviews,manager ,work from home, freelance, specialist, Tips, Tricks , Guide, Book , Does it work ?
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If you look up you will come across something known as Paid Social Media Jobs. This has been created by Annie Jones and it is a website which presumably has a database of companies which offer social media tasks, similar to websites like entrepreneur jobs club and survey junkie. By becoming a member of this website you can apply for such social media employments. It comprises of different types of tasks which employers have and which regular employees are too busy to perform. These jobs include posting likes on Facebook or putting up Tweets on Twitter. Social media has grown a lot in recent years so you will need to have experience however fortunately a lot of this is what many do on a daily basis with social media.

Paid Social Media Jobs Training

The training Paid Social Media Jobs initially offers is how to create a resume that will get you to attract clients. A good-looking resume won’t really help you to be a great social media manager, though.

As a matter of fact (and as I mentioned above) this job is not easy, particularly to those who are not familiar with the ins and outs of social media.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not discouraging you from becoming one.

I’m just telling you that this Paid Social Media Jobs is not going to make you an instant online success. If you don’t know how to create Facebook ads, engage with customers and design posts that go viral, it would be a struggle even if you sign up for the Paid Social Media Jobs.

It is very disappointing to see that they say you’ll get a job as a social media manager just by signing up.


No one will hire you if you are not familiar with how social media works even if you pay for it. This is one of the downsides of this product.

But believe me: this product is not totally bad.

So, are there any pros in buying this product? Of course!

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons that I found.


They offer a 3 day trial pack for $1 so that users can have a first hand look at the site. For full membership the charge is $77 and this becomes automatically payable once the trial period of is over and no notice is given. Members with full right gain full access to software tools and list and this is something which I am a bit optimistic about. However, I feel that three days is not enough to find any work. However, if you are made to pay during this period to get some work, then I feel that there is something terribly wrong here
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