Happy Friday Everyone! wether you hope to accomplish debt freedom, or to save a certain amount of money, you know that anything that you do helps to get you closet to the goal; thats why today I wanted to share 10 things that I have stopped buying that help me save money and some are also environmentally friendly. I hope this helps you in some way and gives you some ideas of things that you can implement in your life. I hope that you are all able to accomplish any financial goal that you have set for this year. Have a great day!


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* I Apologize, but I did not included links for the items mentioned because I realized that some items could only be purchased in store and others the price was different online than what I purchased it for, and did not want to make it confusing. *

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My name is Melissa and I am so glad you stopped by. I am a wife to a Disabled Army Veteran, a mom to two beautiful, but wild little girls and I’m also a Veteran myself. I Created this channel to connect with people that might share my same interests and who like myself are in a never ending journey to become a better wife, mom and person. 2016 was a year full of trials for our family, but it taught me so much about myself and about what is truly important in life. In this channel I will be sharing weekly videos on: Home Decorating on a budget, Organizing, Pursuing Debt Freedom, Cleaning, living a little more simpler and the list goes on… I’m not perfect in any way. My house gets messy, my kids throw tantrums, I don’t always know what Im making for dinner, but I want to share the things I am learning along the way that help me live happy no matter the season in life I am in. I hope to also learn from your experience and that we can uplift each other. Feel free to leave me a message and tell me a little about yourself, I would love to know you better. Let your Decorating Muse Inspire you today. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

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