Effective Vastu Tips for Success while You ‘Work from Home’

Due to the ongoing Corona crisis, many of you may be compelled to work from home.

Perhaps, you are finding ways & means to improve your life and business.
In this video, I am going to share with you Powerful, Effective, Easy to Do Vastu Tips to Maximize your Productivity when you Work From Home.

1. Open East & North side Windows
2. Ensure that your seat is not oriented towards South. Face East, North or West zone.
3. Place maximum Greenery in NNW, N, NNE, NE & E zone
4. Don’t sit below beams or sharp cornered furniture
5. Ensure that there should be a solid wall behind your seat. There shouldn’t be an open window
6. Avoid Clutter on your desk

In the next video, We are going to be talking about Vastu Tips for your Bedroom, so that it helps you to be more happy, prosperous and lead an enriched life.

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