cosmetic business ideas, cosmetic products manufacturing process, small business start from home

cosmetic item manufacturing business with small investment this is low investment and high return business.

formula –
Mineral oil – 65% ( Top Manufacturer Rate start Rs 40/- per Ltr.)
(for Personal purpose, home use- you can use Sunflower oil(eatble),Olive oil, and mustered oil
(please not use coconut oil)

Paraffin wax – 35% ( Start 60/- Per KG)
Vitamin E – 0.5%
= Petroleum jel manufacturing cost is Rs. 47 Per KG
85 Gram Approx Rupees 4.2 and Empty bottle Approx Rupees 2
so Aprrox Cost will be Rupees 6.5- per 85 Gram (and brand this sell Rupees 110)