5 Tips for Getting Work Done when your Little One is Sick

Attention Work From Home Parents: 5 Tips for Getting Work Done When your Little One is Sick

1. Be there for them. Little ones know what they want and need and we try to make Bella feel comfortable with communicating with us what she wants. She let me know when she needed mommy cuddle time. She communicated with me when her tummy was upset. And the key was, when she needed me, I dropped everything and was there for her.

2. Maximize Nap Time. Every night I create a schedule for the following day of things I need or want to get done. Most of the time running that schedule goes smoothly, but sometimes the flow is disrupted. When my daughter got sick, I had to re-evaluate my daily plan. I chose to work on my top priorities while she was taking a nap. That way I got my one important thing done for the day and was able to focus on helping her feel comfortable and get better the rest of the day. Everything else was rescheduled.

3. Kids love consistency (routines and rituals) so to keep her mind off feeling miserable and sick, I tried to keep her on her schedule as much as possible. She let me know if she wasn’t feeling the activity we were doing and I just changed it up. We do 45 minutes of pre-school activities a day and we didn’t make the full 45 minutes that day, but I kept her on schedule as much as possible… we even did a little mommy and me yoga, not the strenuous songs and dance, but the stretches and poses and even some mindfulness. Again, it wasn’t the whole hour, but we kept the routine in place and created comforting consistency.

4. Sometimes you can’t reschedule and in those cases rely on back up. If I had deadlines that needed to be met, I could’ve spent time on them when my husband got home and I could’ve tagged him in. That wasn’t the case this day, but it was an option if necessary.

5. Another tip that was on my back up list is to use educational screen time to keep her occupied. I try to limit screen time to an hour or two a day (this includes watching educational cartoons). We try to keep busy, socializing with others (which wasn’t an option when she was sick), taking nature walks, going to the park. Some of my best memories as a kids were outside, so I wanted to give her that too. But if there were must meet deadlines on my list, this could’ve been a back up plan for an hour or two.

I try and teach Bella to be independent and communicate what she wants. So most of the day, she wanted to cuddle with mommy and that was what we did. We stayed as much as possible on her schedule, which helped me get more done than I had expected on my own daily tasks. It was a one day bug and she is back to her normal self.

I think the biggest thing for me was sticking to the daily plan, our daily routines as much as possible, but being adaptive when needed. While my daily life balance was more focused on my family, our daughter mostly, I was still able to get some work done which made getting back on track the following day a lot easier.

Do you have any helpful tips you can share with our community to balancing work, home, and family during sick days for work from home parents? Please share them in the comments.

We had a drop in from my little love bug on this live video, that is the fun associated with going live. I loved it. She was ready for a little mommy time lol.

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