7 Travel Hacks YOU Should Know! How to Pack a Carry On Bag!

Clever and simple #travel hacks EVERYONE must try! Tips and tricks for a weekend backpack! Travel items you might forget to pack!

Weird Life Hacks Tested: https://youtu.be/NpH-a8UTlp8

11 Travel Life Hacks You Must Know: https://youtu.be/Y2_3d6RiwE4

DIY Clothing Hacks You Must Know:

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[0:41] Travel Life Hack 1. Dirty Shoes
[1:23] Travel Life Hack 2. Bandana
[1:46] Travel Life Hack 3. Smart Clothing
[2:38] Travel Life Hack 4. Spice Kit
[3:03] Travel Life Hack 5. Organizing Outfits
[4:05] Travel Life Hack 6. Find Unique Toiletries
[4:34] Travel Life Hack 7. Commonly Forgotten Items / Packing List

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