Travel Rewards: How to Travel the World for Free | Ep 009

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Learn How to travel the world for free

You can get $6000 to $10,000 in free travel each year all the secrets are revealed in this episode

What is this travel rewards strategy all about?
Minimum spending requirement defined
Options to meet minimum spending requirement
Return on investment: instead of 1.5% rewards, you can earn upwards of 33%
Impact on credit score and Brad’s personal experience

How to determine if this strategy right for you?

The Chase Gauntlet and why you want to focus on Chase cards first
Where to start? Chase Ultimate Rewards
How to earn the Southwest Companion Pass (and the value of the pass)
Business credit cards
Ultimate Rewards points and three ways to redeem them
Jonathan’s trip to Zimbabwe: Helping him save $6k in 5 minutes
How to search for flights at United’s website
If this strategy can take Jonathan to Zimbabwe, it can take you anywhere!
Other destinations with ‘sweet spot’ options: Costa Rica, Hawaii, Europe
If you want to take 1-2 nearly free vacations per year, this strategy is right for you