How To Travel The World For Free

How to travel the word for free is a question that I always asked myself. I watched tons of videos on how to travel for free, travel hacks, traveling on a budjet, and travel videos. But the two tips that I recommend are simple. First how I travel the world for free is finding the best cheap travel ticket. I do this by using my favorite website! You can use other websites for travel deals such as,,, etc. But what I like about travelpirates is that it gives you current deals going on right now and you can download an app to get notified right away. This helps because sometimes they post flight error fares and you can score a great deal but it disappears fast. If you have the app you will get the notification right away! The second thing that really helps complete the whole “travel for free” bit is travel credit cards. I looked all over the internet for the best travel reward credit cards and some of the ones that I really enjoy using are by chase and capital one. Just for signing up you get travel bonus points that you can use to book your tickers or pay for your hotels. So if you score a super good deal through travel pirates and combine it with your credit card bonus, BOOM!! you just scrored yourself some free plane tickets!!! We are always asked how we get these amazing deals to asia, but all we do are these simple travel hacks and it pays for most if not all of our plane tickets and hotel. So if you are looking on how to travel the world for free just put every single thing you buy on a travel credit card (and make sure you pay it off in time) and by no time you will have enough points to get that ticket!! It may seem for away but before you know it you will be getting free plane tickets.

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