Bali Workshop – How to Get Paid to Travel the World

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In less than 6 days we organized and thew together a Free Workshop in Canggu to show a select few people the inside workings of the course we’ve been developping over the past year. We expected 30-40 people and by the time we started there was close to 100 with standing room only! We had no idea that many people would turn out and we’re interested to hear from us and learn how to build brands on social media. Feedback was awesome, we made a ton of new friends, and added a lot of people into our Jetsetterboss community. If you’re interested in building a lifestyle of freedom driven by your passions come for the ride, this is going to epic!

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– Rush
– Parker
– Ryker
– Kenzo
– Justis
– Mindy
– Alissa
– Dan
– Josh

Huge Thanks to the Unstoppable Family for pushing us, coaching us, and helping us put on such an incredible event! Give them a follow!!

Also big thanks to La Brisa for hosting us!