What’s the Difference Between a Blog vs Website?

What’s the Difference Between a Blog vs Website?

In this video, I go over the differences between an online blog and a business website.

There are a lot of similarities, but the goal of a blog is different to that of a business website.

Key similarities:

Both have a domain name
Both have an online presence aside from social media
Both have Social media links
Both can have contact information

Key differences:

A blog is usually built around the content. Meaning the blog posts are the most important aspect of the website. Everything else is built around the blog.

A business website has an entirely different purpose. Depending on your industry, your website is usually used to promote your products or services.

A strong business website would usually have a separate blog page as well. Blogging has been proven to increase traffic numbers by up to 60% compared with other websites that don’t blog.

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