Social Media Marketing Manners: Don’t Do, Be, Or Say Anything ONline That You Wouldn’t Say OFFline

The “secret” to social media for direct sales isn’t a secret at all. It’s to be YOU. Be authentic. Don’t do, be or say anything ONLINE that you would not do, be or say OFFLINE to people you’d like to attract to your business. I’ve been teaching this for years and it is not rocket science, it’s just that you’re likely not doing it because you’re looking for something that FEELS like immediate results. Nurture relationships. Built trust. EARN their connection, loyalty and business.

Karen Clark is a professional speaker and author who works with companies, organizations and sales teams who want training for their members in using social media so that they can grow their businesses in build relationships ethically and in less time online.

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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Karen specializes in practical content-driven presentations, fun and effective hands-on workshops, and ethical online marketing training for entrepreneurs and direct sales/network marketing professionals.

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