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If you’re wondering how to add the new Wix blog to your Wix website, it is very easy. However, before you add that blog, let me review the new Wix blog and compare it to the old Wix blogging platform. Personally, I like the design, functionality and idea of the new Wix blog. It is very similar to the Wix Forum and gives your audience an opportunity to subscribe to your blog on Wix. However, when it comes to having the same backend tools when creating your actual blog post content, the new Wix blog lacks. They gave the backend blog writing a modern design and a good look, but left out some of the vital features us bloggers, website owners and designers use when writing content. Until they carry over the essential blogging features needed to create a post and optimize it’s potential on Google, I will not switch. However, they have heard an uproar from this, so I’m sure we will be seeing these features added back in.
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