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Tip 1 – When you are writing a blog, it is important that your blog is not simply repeating points that other sites have already made. Instead, you should try to include points and angles that other sites have not talked about. This is important for getting the interest of your readers.

Tip 2 – When posting videos on your blog, you need to make sure that you’re embedding videos that will load up and play on any type of internet connection. Just because you may have a quality internet connection, that doesn’t mean everyone does. A slow-loading or non-loading video on your site, will drive traffic away.

Tip 3 – While having ads up on your blog can create an additional source of revenue for you, make sure that you do not have an excessive number of ads on your site. Ads that play automatic video and those that are difficult to close, are sure to help you lose visitors.

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Translated titles:
3 consejos sobre blogs para principiantes, video n. ° 7 de 30

3 Tipps zum Bloggen für Anfänger, Video Nr. 7 von 30

3 astuces sur les blogs pour les débutants, vidéo n ° 7 de 30

3 wenke oor blogging vir beginners, video nommer 7 van 30


3 näpunäited algajate jaoks blogide jaoks, video nr 7, 30

પ્રારંભિક માટે બ્લોગિંગ પર 3 ટીપ્સ, 30 ન

3 Жаңадан бастағандарға арналған блог жүргізу туралы к

3 Tips Blogging untuk Pemula, Video No. 7 dari 30

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