Blogging, SEO & social media: How to use your blog as a part of social media marketing strategy

Here is a tutorial for how to create your blog in one day, and get a free domain name:

For more resources on how to use your blog as a social media marketing tool, visit:

In this tutorial I also coach you to answer the question of whether a blog is social media. Of course, blogging is social media. Creating content on your own website or a blog is an integral part of your social media campaign because that is the content that will be shared by your users across social media.

When you use a blog as a part of your social media marketing strategy, it also gives you an opportunity to have your blog posts rank in Google and bring you Google search (SEO) traffic. Additionally, as you network with your business contacts using social media, you can help to promote them using your blog, which will help you to network with the people with whom it would be advantageous for you to network with.

Additionally, make sure that you use social sharing buttons on your blog so that people can share your blog content.

If you want to learn more about how to use social media and blogging, take my advanced social media marketing course:

And here is my full marketing plan and strategy course where you will learn about many different kinds of online marketing including social media marketing, SEO marketing and even offline marketing:

Additionally, if you want to learn some great strategies for how to use blogging as a part of your social media marketing, check out my marketing book which will make you a great marketer:

Additionally, having a blog gives you more content. I share my blog content on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, and encourage my friends on those social networks to share my blog posts as well. Having more content gives you a bigger chance to have more people discover your content and then share your content, which further amplifies your marketing reach.

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