Parenting Advice For The Difficult Child

Do you have a disobedient child? Do you wonder how you might be able to get your child to listen to you? Is your child difficult to raise? Is your home falling apart because of your difficult teen?

Clients and Youtuber’s often ask me, “How can I get my child to listen to me?” As a mother of three biological children and three step children, I can tell you I have made plenty of mistakes. Nothing has helped my parenting skills more than understanding A) a little bit about the emotional stages of a child’s development B) the pain vs. pleasure principle.

Children have underdeveloped brains. Understanding where they are on the emotional ladder helps us as parents tremendously. Expecting a child to listen like your spouse might, is irrational. It is a source of great frustration between parent’s and children, but I have found that by really studying the pain vs. pleasure principle, and how its function can help us parent our children in a healthier way has really helped reduce the tension in our home.

Plenty of us struggle with difficult, disobedient children. Raising teenagers is probably the most difficult job in the world. Parenting is a job that no one prepares us for. All the parenting advice in the world may never be enough to help you correct your child’s behavior, but with a few key understandings, parenting can become less confusing.

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