Rail Farming – high intensity organic farming system

Todays video is all about Rail Farming – a new design concept for high efficiency organic vegetable production. I took some inspiration from a CNC machine and applied it to a garden bed layout. A small dolly on rails is used to access any part of the garden, no one ever needs to run wheelbarrows or even walk on the soil. This fixes issues of soil compaction and also reduces the walkway area to 100mm (4″) maximising growing space. All implements and tools are operated from a dolly that runs over the top of the crop, seeders. planters, cultivators and compost application can all be operated with high precision, no string lines, no need to remake beds, level is take from the rails so spreading compost or seeding is accurate to within 5mm.

No soil compaction.
Cost effect setup and operation.
High profitability for micro growers.
Efficient use of time, cutting labour costs.
Can be automated.

Rail Farming play list:

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