B-Tech Graduate does organic farming in Haryana INDIA

Sunil Kumar, a farmer of progressive thinking, of Salwan village, district Karnal in Haryana state, took a bold experimental step in the field of paddy production. Dr Pardeep Meel, Deputy Director of Agriculture Department, told to riceoutlook that the farmers should use organic fertilizers and organic pesticides for the production of crops to save people from chronic ailments such as cancer, respiratory problems and skin diseases. Dr Sunil Bzad, S.D.A.O. of Agri. Dept. Karnal, said that he had observed and monitored the production with homegrown organic innovations which improve the quality of microorganisms. Dr Sham Singh, A.D.O of Agriculture Department, Asandh, has also visited and witnessed the methods used by Sunil Kumar, resident of village Salvan block Asandh.