Mental Illness – Tips for Mental Health

Do we know what is mental health? How to overcome mental illness? In this video, we gonna talk about mental illness. What is mental illness or what is mental health? I’m gonna share a few tips how to help yourself a little but if you’re suffering from mental illness, more likely depression or anxiety. Mental illness is real. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, substance abuse, eating disorder and many more are mental health disorders. Person can get mental disorder in any part in their life. Every person can get it. Good thing is that every mental illness is curable. How to overcome mental depression and how to overcome mental illness. This tips will help you. You can answer in the comment section on Question of the day (Short: QOTD). Thanks for the watching and see you in my next video.

» QOTD: Are you suffering from mental illness? Comment down bellow.


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