Difference Between Mental Health and Mental Illness

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‘Mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ are increasingly being used as if they mean the same thing, but they do not. Everyone has mental health, just like everyone has health. … A mental illness is an illness the affects that way people think, feel, behave, or interact with others.Despite poor mental health not defined as an illness, having poor mental health is associated with emotional distress and psychosocial impairment comparable to that of a major depressive episode.[5] The effects of poor mental health are both severe and prevalent, with poor mental health being more common than … The terms ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ are often though of and … you probably don’t think much about the difference between the two or …Although both Mental health and Mental illness are focused on maintaining and creating mental health and stability, they are two different terms …As a researcher who records people having conversations, I hear people say a lot of wacky things. But one thing that I hear, in the news, …The difference between mental illness and mental disorder is slight. Read about the difference here and see a list of mental illnesses, … Mental Health vs Mental Illness In nursing subjects and in the real medical field, psychiatry can be the best subject ever. Studying varying …Being mentally healthy is a goal for all of us. But what is ‘mentally healthy’? Good mental health means more than the absence of symptoms.Many people think there is an obvious difference between mental illness and psychological health but very often the differences are misunderstood.