What I Eat In A Day (Low Carb + Intermittent Fasting)

You guys asked… and I delivered. Here’s a full day of eating (low carb + intermittent fasting).

I take you through a typical Sunday and exactly what I eat in a day.

***But please note***

This video is meant for reference and informational purposes only. Please do not just copy what I am showing you in this video. This is how I eat and it’s what works for ME and MY body.

We are all individuals, therefore, your diet should be too. A healthy way of eating should be based on what makes YOUR body feel good, based on YOUR individual body type, needs and goals.

I have been eating a low carb high fat diet with intermittent fasting for over 8 years now! And I’ve found that it is the best way for me to maintain a lean figure AND also build muscle.

Low carb (eliminating processed foods, grains & sugar) has drastically improved my digestion, energy levels and mental clarity… this is why I can’t ever see myself eating any other way.

I want to also point out, that I DO NOT count calories, weigh my food, track my macros or restrict myself in any way. This is not healthy physically nor mentally and I believe it is not necessary to do these things to get results.

I follow an 80/20 approach, allow myself treats and eat intuitively, i.e. eat when hungry and stop when full. Simple.

Hope you enjoy this video!



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Shell x

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