Reduce Hunger Pains During Intermittent Fasting! [WHAT TO DRINK] · Dr. Jason Fung Clip

When it comes to intermittent fasting, the most common question from beginners who struggle with the hunger is: “What can you drink during your fast?”

A fasting purist would answer with nothing but water. A more relaxed faster may point you to a cup of black coffee, tea, or bone broth.

Let’s face it: Intermittent fasting can be tough…especially for a newbie!

What can one drink to help get them through a fast without “breaking” it?

In this podcast clip, Dr. Jason Fung details why he believes green tea & ketone esters could be the most effective “fasting hack”.

Here’s a quote from Dr. Fung on green tea:

“Green tea catechins…you have a natural substance that people have been using for thousands of years that increases your metabolic rate and lowers your hunger. That’s what people tell us all the time: They drink green tea and then their hunger sort of goes away.”

For more on intermittent fasting, tune in to the full podcast with Dr. Jason Fung here:

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