INTERMITTENT FASTING : Fastest & Easy way to Lose Weight | Weight Loss Diet in Hindi

In this video i am going to tell you how to do intermittent fasting and also intermittent fasting works plus my experience of doing intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight/fat.Intermittent fasting is not a type of diet to lose weight like Keto Diet,Atkinson’s diet or etc its a eating pattern.

There is no kind of restriction in this eating pattern,All you have to do is watch your calories and leave it all to the intermittent eating pattern.If you follow intermittent fasting by heart definitely you will lose your weight quickly and sustain it as well.

Here i have tried to give you the explanation of intermittent fasting in a most easy way.Also i have shared my experience also of doing intermittent fasting.

There is no doubt if you follow intermittent fasting you will become fat burning machine and if you follow it wisely trust me you can too lose weight/fat loss.

Lastly if you are ready to do hardwork and looking forward to lose weight start doing intermittent fasting for serious weight loss.

Krishna Bhandari is an International Magician who has lost more than 53 kgs of weight and now he is in a quest to help you lose your weight.

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Please consult your Doctor before taking any changes in your diet.Take medical advice before changing your diet if you are suffering from any disease.Being a responsible content creator its my duty to warn you.


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