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Best Hours For Intermittent Fasting | The Golden Hours is a video that refers to the research to show physiological changes when intermittent fasting.

The best time for intermittent fasting is always asked of me. A lot of people want to dial in their fasting times so that they can get the best fat burning results but are uncertain as to which hours they should follow. The research clearly defines what is happening as the and which intermittent fasting hours are the most crucial.

The Best intermittent fasting schedule is without a doubt 16:8. The reason it is best is because the major changes take place during this hours of 12 and 16, making the 16 hour mark a worthwhile pace to stop fasting and achieve great results. The intermittent fasting results are still incredible with a 16:8 intermittent fast as it allows or our physiology to adapt to a healthier normal on a daily basis.

The intermittent fast offers incredible health results. It supports lowering your hormone insulin, lowering your blood glucose, emptying your blood glycogen stores, raising the hormone glucagon, mobilizes free fatty acids, and lastly your ketones rocket up so that they can now be used as the new energy source. As a result your body now is a fat burning machine that is functioning at a much healthier level.

The best time to do intermittent fasting is important to know because if we are doing fasting in a way that doesn’t benefit us then we are wasting our time. It needs to be our goal to do receive the maximum benefits of fasting and get the maximum benefit for our efforts to improve our health.

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