Healthy & Fit Day in the Life! Workout + Eats

JoyLab, available at Target: // today’s video is a healthy and fit day in the life showing you what I ate (I didn’t end up filming everything I ate..I definitely ate more than this in the video!) and my workout! PS here is the workout from the video ↓

✢ Single Leg Curl to Press
✢ Quick Taps
✢ Reverse Weighted Lunges
✢ Shoulder Taps
✢ Run
✢ Weighed Step Ups
✢ Mountain Climbers
✢ Plank to Row

✢ Warm up for 5-10 mins. Do each move for 1 minute. Rest as needed. Complete 2 sets of each round. It will look like this: ROUND ONE, ROUND TWO, ROUND ONE, ROUND TWO. Finish with a cool down walk and strech.

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