DAY IN THE LIFE | Healthy Eats + Fit Lifestyle

living a healthy lifestyle every day should be enjoyable! today’s day in the life includes healthy eats + staying fit in a balanced way! I hope you enjoy & this inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle & listen to your body! xo Cambria
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1 cup soaked almonds
7-8 cups water
vanilla extract + salt
blend and strain and serve!

1 cup coconut water (or almond milk)
1 cup frozen mango
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handful of spinach
1 tbs soaked cashews
1 frozen banana

once again I hope this day in the life encourages you in your day to day life to live healthy, fit, listen to your body, and do workouts that make you feel healthy and strong! you are more than meets the eye ~ your beauty is found on the inside. than you Vital Proteins for sponsoring this video. *if you’re reading this & you get it, comment “I can’t believe he peed on you!* HAHAAHA ♡ Cambria Joy