Halloween Decorations -3

Hanging Halloween Decorations to Transform a Room

There’s no faster and more affordable way to transform a room. These hanging Halloween decorations are light enough to hang with tape or tacks, yet they easily fill a party space with color, a fascinating mix of textures, and visual weight.

From kid-friendly pumpkin lanterns and fan garlands to six-foot long banners and creepy clown swirls, you’ll find them all hanging decorations below, organized by style, purpose, and price. Choose paper lanterns and honeycomb decorations for volume; these reusable decorations fold out into impressive 3-D shapes that command a display and fold down flat later for storage in a closet or drawer.

Hanging swirl decorations are not only ultra-affordable, they’re great for filling the gaps in your ceiling decor. Each of these cardstock and foil decorations weighs only a few grams — light enough to secure with flimsy tape and reposition with ease. For the windows and walls, try our banners and signs, all trimmed with bright or creepy Halloween messages, according to the party theme. Finally, hanging door decorations serve to cordon off a party area and prime your guests for Halloween mayhem to come.