Furniture and art from repurposed wine barrels | Salvage Upcycle Show #1

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Mike Prieto, Owner of Barrel-Art in Hampton Virginia has built his thriving enterprise from other business’ waste. Watch how he and his team repurpose old wine barrels into amazing furniture and art. While coming up with upcycled uses for just about every piece of material they get into the shop. Check out more about Barrel-Art at

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The Salvage Upcycle Show is about people who don’t see trash. Or junk. Only opportunity. And since you’re here, you might agree too. So we’re documenting the stories of amazing people and places doing awesome and creative things with salvage, upcycling and repurposing. All around the country. From hobby to industry. If it’s staying out of the landfill, we’re on it.

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