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In this video, we have 6 natural baby skin care tips for you.

1) Milk:

You can make a Homemade Bath pack of Raw Milk and Rose Water.
Apply this mixture slowly to your baby’s skin and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Breast milk can be used if baby is suffering from acne or any skin irritation.

2) Fruits:

Well, this one answers your question about how to get fair baby.
Fruits are great remedy to improve skin complexion and yields natural glow on babyface.
Feed grape juice to your little one. Apples and oranges also improves skin tone.

Note: Only for babies above 7-8 months of age.

3) Massage oils:

Almond & Olive oil gently moisturize newborn baby’s skin, avoiding dry skin rashes.
Oil massage for babies help in the faster development of bones and muscles.
Also, they help overcome dry skin and other skin related problems.

Doctors advise massaging for bone development and healthy skin.

4) Right Bathing Temperature:

One needs to be extra cautious about sensitive skin care when it comes to babies.
Always use lukewarm water to wash face and body.
Bathing in extremely cold or hot water can lead to itching and dryness of the skin.

Note: Bathing 2-3 times a week is okay for first few months.

5) Moisturization:

Apply baby moisturiser two times a day, particularly after baths.
It helps your baby’s skin replenish the lost nutrients and make skin appear glowing.

Note: Never over moisturise the baby.

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