Introduction How to get Bank Loan for Business

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Everyone will have dream to become Entrepreneur. Why? The kind of wealth it would bring would be phenomenal. But the path for becoming Successful Entrepreneur is not that simple. Even if you have Dream, Courage, Conviction, Clarity, Etc, On your business plans the dream may not become reality if funds are not available. Hence funds plays a very crucial role is converting the Entrepreneurship dream into reality.
Again the questions is who is going to give funds?
Is it friends, relatives, Money lenders, Bankers, Venture Capitalists, PE?
Given all the options, the best one would be to go for Bank Loan because of its inherent benefits and safety aspects.
But how to get Bank Loan?
That too, if you are first generation Entrepreneur.
Worry not!
This Course will take you through in stages on Expectations of bankers when Entrepreneurs approaches them for Bank Loans.
This Course will Explain the Basic Documents which every Entrepreneurs should have before approaching the bank for Business Loan.
This Course will explain how project funding should be structured to make it Bankable.
This course will explain What is Project Viability and how entrepreneurs should visualize Viability as well Sensitivity Risks in the Business.
This Course will explain the Jargous adopted by the Bankers and rationale behind various inquiries made by the bankers.
In Summary, this course will enable the Entrepreneurs to put themselves into the shoes of Bankers, so that when they approach the bank for Business Loan, they will have utmost clarity in interactions and high level of assurance for Sanctions.
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What’s in the Course?
1. Over 55 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
2. By the end of the course, you will understand, How to get Bank Loan for Business
3. By the end of the course, you will understand, Variable Business Loans available in Banking System
4. By the end of the course, you will understand, How Bankers analyse the Customers
5. How to be in good books of Bankers and get most of the economic benefits
Course Requirements:
1. This Course has been Structured in self Paced Learning Style
2. PC/Laptop/Tab/Mobile with internet connection is Essential
3. No Prior Knowledge is Required
Who Should Attend?
1. Entrepreneurs
2. MBA Finance Students
3. Chartered Accountants
4. Finance Managers
5. Aspiring Entrepreneurs