How NeoGrowth business loans helped Drape Shoppe grow their business

The current home & lifestyle retail circle is buzzing with opportunities and technological developments, layers between the customer and the company are drastically reducing. Mr. Majid is a first generation entrepreneur who scaled up from a small 150 sq.ft shop to one of the landmark 5000 sq. ft furnishing stores in Mumbai. His trajectory of growth is phenomenal but there was a point when he was holding back on expansion due to lack of financial support, until he found a trusted and hassle free means of financial backing. A great leader leads from the front and Mr. Majid with the help of NeoGrowth has laid the foundation for his family business to flourish and grow further.

Mr. Majid thinks ahead of a regular retailer and believes in offering a stylish look and feel to every prospective customer stepping into his store, his passion for great customer service is his biggest strength. “We deal with a lot of high profile celebrities and film stars and we have to invest in maintaining an up-to-date stock. We are in the business of enhancing your house, which is the biggest investment for any individual hence it is our duty to offer the best drapes and home furnishings.”

Most of his clients are much more comfortable ‘using a card’ thus when NeoGrowth offered the option of repayment via every card swipe it seemed like the most logical financial solution for Drape Shoppe.

“There was no hassle in terms up lengthy paper work or verifications, their customer service team is extremely efficient and customer centric. My interaction with NeoGrowth was completely effortless, I never realised when our loan was repaid and now I am going to renew my contract with them. Working capital is very important to move my dreams to reality.”

He candidly mentions “If seeing is believing then I would suggest you meet a NeoGrowth representative for yourself and see how they can help you grow your business.”

Mr. Mansuri blends his 35 years of experience with a progressive approach towards growth, NeoGrowth values this collaboration and aims to make this business partnership stronger and more trustworthy.