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Bitbond is a global small business lending platform. This video shows two typical users of Bitbond.

Jeremy wants to earn higher interest rates than what his bank pays. He looks for profitable fixed income investments. Olivia is a fashion designer from South America. She needs to finance inventory for her new collection but small business loans are not affordable in her region.

Both find a solution through Bitbond. Jeremy earns better interest rates through bitcoin lending compared to what his bank pays him. His average APR is at 13%.

Olivia gets an affordable small business loan that is funded by people like Jeremy from all around the world.

It is very convenient for Olivia to use the bitcoin blockchain in order to get a loan. She doesn’t need a bank account for it. It is also shown how easy it is for her to convert bitcoins into her local currency by meeting someone who buys the bitcoins from her.

An international market for small business loans is only possible through the digital currency bitcoin. Transferring other currencies like the US dollar or the euro would be too expensive and would take much too long.

Global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending is the solution for both, Jeremy and Olivia.