California Business Loans in 60 Seconds

California has over 3.7 million small businesses that have provide over 6.7 million jobs.With the largest economy in the United States, California is fertile ground for just about any business owner with a plan ( Ranked number 1 for venture capital per 100,000 people).With most of the net new jobs coming from small business, small business loans are the life blood of the Golden State.California was negatively impacted by the 2008 banking crisis but things are improving as non traditional lenders are developing new credit models and developing technology complementary to the new funding environment.

Our research shows that the spectrum of California small business owners, even those with less than perfect credit and a few missteps in their business history,are perfect for the following loan/funding products:

Term Loans with a monthly payment
Micro Loans with a weekly or monthly payment
Business Working Capital Advance
Collateral Based Loans
Business Line Of Credit
Start Up

Etrust Business Finance has developed a large and complimentary portfolio of programs and relationships with traditional and non traditional lenders. Each program plays to the strengths of the business owner and each lender relationship caters to the small business owners overall goals.

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