8 Types of Unsecured Business Loans & Cards for Businesses

In this video, Fred Livai discusses 8 different types of unsecured business loans and credit cards that every business owner should know about. He breaks down the information in an easy to follow format, goes over specific accounts that you may qualify for now, what type of order you should apply for credit and the exact companies you should start with.

Learn how to get vendor accounts and what specific accounts you can apply with for likely approval. He even talks about approval criteria and what business credit bureaus that account reports to. He then talks about how you can get apply with companies such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Lowes, WalMart, BP, Chevron, Sam’s Club, Costco, Amazon and more!

Fred Livai is the VP of Sales with Approve My Score and would be happy to help you with your business credit needs. Please reach out to him by phone or email.

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