Bitch Wrists – Should Women Wear Men’s Watches?! – Bitch Wrists – Should Women Wear Men’s Watches?!

Women’s watches…should they be different than men’s? Well, the current trend [and one that has gone strong throughout the last 10 years] is for women to wear men’s watches.

Traditional ladies watches have just fallen by the wayside over the last decade and women, more and more, have gravitated to bigger luxury men’s models.

I’m not just talking here about traditional models like the Rolex 36 mm Day-Date or Datejust models for men, which I think look way better on girls than guys. The best men’s models for women [assuming they can pull it off] are the bigger models. This is my opinion and I think find it sexy as hell!

If you look at a more common option, like Michael Kors or MK watches for women, many of these models are around 42 millimeter in diameter. So why is it then that a girl should not wear a 41 mm model for a brand like Rolex as well? Well guys, girls are doing exactly taht and they will continue to wear guys watches in the foreseeable future. Trust me!

I have seen women wear even larger watches like the Rolex Sky-Dweller or the AP ROO Offshore gracefully. It all depends on the woman behind the watch. If she’s comfortable with it and the watch doesn’t look disproportionate on her wrist, why not? Go for it!

Here are some men’s luxury watch models that I recommend for women as well:
1) Rolex Submariner in stainless steel.

2) Rolex Submariner two-tone (this could also be the GMT, which hast he same overall look as the Sub).

3) Rolex Datejust II or the new Datejust 41 (especially the two-tone version in rose gold with the Jubilee band).

4) Rolex Sky-Dweller. It takes the right woman to pull off wearing this watch, but I think it looks great on some girls.

5) Rolex Date-Date II Presidential. This 41-millimeter model is classy and can look great on a female wrist.

Another watch model that I think is great for girls is the Daytona. The rose gold Rolex Daytona is a great option, but any Daytona would also do.

So how do you feel about women wearing men’s watches instead of more traditional ladies watch models? Let me know in the comments.

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