Benefits of Minimalist (Barefoot) Shoes + My Collection

Hi everyone! This is a very exciting video all about why you should go barefoot! It also includes a look into my minimalist shoe collection as well. I talk about the cons of wearing regular shoes and heeled shoes, and then I discuss the benefits of minimalist shoes! I have quite a few shoes in my collection….. but I still want more! Lol. There are so many awesome brands out there doing cool things I want to test everything.

Here are the shoes in my collection:

Vivo Barefoot Trail Freak

Vivo Barefoot Primus FG:

Vivo Barefoot Tracker:

Vivo Barefoot Jing Jing:

Earth Runners Circadian :

Minnetonka Moccasins Thunderbird II:

I want to try:

Vibram 5 fingers:


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