*sorry for the lack of music from 13.43 and on, copyright thing 🙁

Pink studded heels (custom) – http://shrsl.com/s4md
Pink ribbon booties – https://rstyle.me/n/csyj89b69b7
Pink frill heels – https://rstyle.me/n/csak8wb69b7 OR http://bit.ly/2BtqTGV
Pink and black velvet heels – https://rstyle.me/n/ctfje2b69b7
Pink barely there laceup heels – https://rstyle.me/n/crjampb69b7
Pink wrap heels – https://goo.gl/ZhW9Kv
Nude fur strap heels – http://bit.ly/2EBSiIX
Nude pointed heels – https://rstyle.me/n/bybg36b69b7
Nude clear chunky heels – http://bit.ly/2Btl10h
Nude embellished heels – https://rstyle.me/n/cwysetb69b7
Nude lace up caged heels – https://rstyle.me/n/bt8422b69b7
Nude PU pointed heels – http://bit.ly/2EDJNwL
Pink platform sandals – http://bit.ly/2supgWy
Nude 3 strap heels – http://bit.ly/2strndj
Nude leg wrap heels (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2BuSKGP
Chunky nude bow sandals – https://rstyle.me/n/cw8ewdb69b7
Pink velvet mini heel – http://bit.ly/2EH8IiU
Rose gold pointed heels – http://bit.ly/2EEvB6O
Rose gold rhinestone heels – http://bit.ly/2EDvCbf
Brown suede pumps – http://bit.ly/2EIKDZi
Brown slip on heels – http://bit.ly/2EDwXih
White and gold wing heels – http://bit.ly/2BrU65b
White cutout lace up heels – http://shrsl.com/s8o6
White mules – http://bit.ly/2C3k4Ns
White open toe heel – https://rstyle.me/n/cxm8amb69b7
White clear pointed toe pumps – http://bit.ly/2BuCjtX
Light grey pumps – http://shrsl.com/iptq
Grey lace up leg heels – http://bit.ly/2EGRaDL
Grey suede pumps (SIM) – http://shrsl.com/s8p9
Denim heels – http://bit.ly/2EGFFMr
Red lace up heels (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2BrprVH
Black lace up heels (SIM) – http://shrsl.com/s8pm OR http://shrsl.com/s8pr
Black patent pointed pumps – http://bit.ly/2EF9GfF
Boohoo black ruffle heels – https://rstyle.me/n/cw8evwb69b7
Black clear pointed heels – http://bit.ly/2EF4eJH
Black chunky suede heels – http://bit.ly/2C0gKTl
Black MK fur heel – http://bit.ly/2C1C0YE
Black basic ankle strap heels (similar) – http://bit.ly/2BswEVg
Blush satin booties (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2sylD1M
Light pink velvet booties – http://bit.ly/2EGn2Z1
Pink satin laceup booties http://bit.ly/2sy11a0
Rose gold booties (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2BXn6Ti
Pink open toe lace up bootie (in black) – http://bit.ly/2BZF0F8
Rose gold laceup booties – http://bit.ly/2EIVvpZ
Pink velvet laceup ankle bootie – http://bit.ly/2BvbdTJ
Black sleek ankle boot – https://rstyle.me/n/csr389b69b7
Black sporty bootie – https://rstyle.me/n/ctf8zwb69b7
Black mesh bootie – http://bit.ly/2BvNTp1
Black basic chunky heel ankle boots – http://bit.ly/2C1EINO
Grey sleek ankle boots – https://rstyle.me/n/ctf8z5b69b7
Snake skin booties – https://rstyle.me/n/ctf8zcb69b7
Grey laceup pointed toe booties – http://bit.ly/2Bu3V2t OR http://bit.ly/2Bs3Ex3
Grey chunky heel booties – http://bit.ly/2sv8Hd9
Denim booties – http://bit.ly/2sshM6u
Tan sock boot – http://bit.ly/2Bw48Cr
Rust color booties – https://goo.gl/fWgVLy
Clear booties – http://bit.ly/2syIUkg
White ribbed booties – http://bit.ly/2EHnoP5
White booties – http://bit.ly/2EIIr40
Black studded OTK – http://bit.ly/2BspcJY
Grey suede OTK boots – http://bit.ly/2svBw9t
Leather OTK boots (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2C1eLOE
Plain black OTK boots – http://bit.ly/2sAGBNO
Nude chunky heel OTK boots – http://bit.ly/2EF9XPT
Denim OTK boots – http://bit.ly/2BuTuvy
Blush OTK boots – http://bit.ly/2BZ7vCQ
Pink velvet OTK boots (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2svw2vb
Black flat OTK boots – http://bit.ly/2svriFU
Nude suede OTK boots – https://www.gojane.com/119388.html
Mauve satin OTK boots (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2BuDXff
Embellished Gladiator sandal – http://bit.ly/2stnoNX
Nude lace up flats (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2EGRgv3
Pink fringe flats (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2EJKjcC
Light pink simple flats – http://bit.ly/2sxiGyI
Nude suede lace up flats – http://bit.ly/2BwyYuJ
White gladiator flats (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2EFSyGB
White and blue furry slides – http://bit.ly/2EG9H2X
Puma slides – https://goo.gl/wWFv1h
Pink faux fur slides – http://bit.ly/2EEtIHn
Givenchy slides – http://bit.ly/2BvjZ3T
Pink embellished mules (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2svPCaL
MK embellished sandals – https://goo.gl/UjkyzN
Pink satin twist flats (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2sD6ywj
Pink fur pearl slides – http://bit.ly/2BZWotj
VS pink slides – http://bit.ly/2sxvCV9
Bailey boots pink – https://rstyle.me/n/cw6a6zb69b7
Pink hiking boots (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2Bw5AEP
Pink Raf simons Adidas – (dupe) http://bit.ly/2BuV1Sk
White and rose gold sneakers – https://rstyle.me/n/ctxvh9b69b7
Nude twist slip on sneakers – http://bit.ly/2BwypB8
Pink teddy bear sneakers – http://bit.ly/2Bs9WwJ
Pink nike air max (yes they are for kids lol) – http://bit.ly/2F3nb6L
Brown creepers – http://bit.ly/2sswbji
White ribbon sneakers – http://bit.ly/2EHC3tK
Rose gold sneakers (SIM) – http://bit.ly/2svxo9g
Pink NMDs – http://bit.ly/2BYEZRH
Pink velvet converse – http://bit.ly/2BuURdI

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apHO9z-1z9g