Yes I did my makeup like it was the 5 second makeup challenge. It’s okay, girl. I know.

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All funds go directly to the company who then use it to help pay for education supplies. It costs $75.00 USD per year to help support one child.

FAQ’s on this video:

Are you still a stripper? No. I currently work in Higher Education and as a freelance marketing writer.

Why did you upload this video/choose to talk about this? Because I think the current narrative surrounding strippers sucks and I’d like to tell a different story without an editor changing it.

Why are your shoes so dirty? I believe they are stage marks, but I loved them & couldn’t re-purchase the same pair in Aus.

Why did you become a stripper/why would anyone? Chronic pain issues & rent increases.

Why did you quit? At some stage I will film a vid on it

Were you being taken advantage of? Nope. I was an adult making my own decisions. If ever a club tried to take advantage of me I would quit and move to a different club.

WhY dOn’T u UsE uR bRaIn 2 mAk3 mOnEy iNsteAd of yOuR a$$?
I use both! You gotta use your brain to ask yourself why you think women utilizing their looks for capital is a bad thing. & why you think those things are mutually exclusive.

Would you recommend dancing as a career?
No. I can’t speak for others needs in life – I don’t know what you need. If it’s something you need that’s your choice. But I don’t recommend pursuing stripping or the adult industry in general because it’s incredibly volatile & the regulations are very arbitrary even in Aus where the laws are a bit better than the US.

Why did you close your online store?
I couldn’t grapple with the reality of contributing to fast fashion as a supplier & huge amounts of waste in this already wasteful world, my dudes.