Packing Carry-on Only For A Cruise – Women and Kids Edition

Packing Carry-on only for a cruise – Women and Kids edition

Hi Cruisers, It’s time for another of our Packing Carry On Only videos. This time we really have a packing challenge ahead of us. We are doing a 12 night Asia cruise on the Diamond Princess, with a very long flight included. If you’ve ever wondered what to bring on a cruise this video might be helpful to you.

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If you’ve watched any of our previous videos, you know that when driving to port we tend to be pretty relaxed with our cruise packing. Some would say I’m am an over-packer (who, me?). But when we fly, it’s a whole different story. We don’t want to deal with baggage fees, waiting at luggage carousels, and hauling heavy suitcases around an airport. On this trip we’ll be continuing our habit of packing carry on only for cruises. We are starting to perfect this carry on only strategy, and we’ve got lots of packing tips for carry on only to share with you. This is a two part series, so if you want to see the men’s edition click here:

This time we’ll focus solely on carry on only for women and we’ll also briefly review what to bring on a cruise for kids. If you are working on packing light, carry on only is definitely something you should consider. Packing for a cruise can be stressful, but for us adding airport considerations to the mix makes it that much more daunting. As always, if you have packing tips, carry on only tips, or any tips you think might be helpful to our wonderful cruising community, please share them in the comments below.

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