10 Accessories Every Girl Needs/ Women’s Accessory Must Haves

10 Accessories every girl needs/ women’s accessory must haves
Don’t ignore the importance of accessories to complete any outfit. Ootd is not just the clothes you wear but how you style it with shoes, belts, jewelry, makeup, handbag, and even undergarments.
Watch how you can flip the same tshirt and jeans or maxi dress to look completely different every time, just by accessorizing differently. You don’t have to follow exactly the pieces I suggest. Once you understand how the basic accessories work, you can use them to blindly to elevate any look.
Here are some of the pieces I mentioned in this video.

Blue earrings from Swarovski to pop any eye color⚡️
Brown sunglasses-Armani exchange⚡️
Thin and thick belts in Black (Ralph Lauren), navy blue (Ann Taylor) and Tan( Calvin Klien)-3 sizes.
Nude n brown eyeshadow⚡️
3 Handbags in black (kate spade), tan (Louis Vuitton) and a bright color (Louis Vuitton). ⚡️
Skin strapless bra (Calvin Klien)⚡️
Seamless underwear⚡️
One Watch with both gold and silver color in it.
Natural lip color and bright lip color in pink or orange ⚡️
one statement bracelet in vintage gold n silver, not bright gold. necklace and small diamond studs.⚡️