Unique Jewelry Ideas – Women’s Style

Unique Jewelry Ideas – Women’s Style – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Tina Tang. I am a New York City jewelry designer. I want to show you my favorite pieces, which I also consider my most unusual pieces. They are the kind of pieces that, when you have on, people will probably stop you or ask you more about it. And, as a woman, is not that what you always want, for people to notice your jewelry? The first piece, which is one of my favorites, is this one. It is the Romeo/Juliet Double Dagger Necklace. You probably know the story behind Romeo and Juliet, but Romeo stabbed himself when he thought that Juliet had committed suicide. So this kind of exemplifies their love. I love just the shape of it. It is the kind of thing, when you have it on, people will look closer to see what you have on.

The second piece I did, that is one of my favorites, is the relief necklace. What is really great about this one is that, for the person wearing it, when you flip it up, like that, you can see that it says: peace, love, recycle. Obviously, this is not just for the environmentalist. I am hoping that all of us want to have peace, love and recycle as part of our mottos in life. But what is nice about this, is that it is a really pretty piece on. It is definitely a statement piece when you have got it on.

And the third piece that I absolutely love is the piece that I have on. I pretty much wear this one all of the time. It is the Minotaur horn. I do not know if you know the story; it is a Greek myth with Decius and Ariadne. Decius was stuck in the labyrinth. He had to get out; otherwise the Minotaur was going to kill him. And Ariadne had giving him a ball of red yarn or string to wind his way through the maze so that he could exit the labyrinth, and this is what it signifies. It is the horn of the Minotaur with the string around it.

And the last piece, that I think is a lot of fun to wear and just I guess, look like you have absolute style, like a New Yorker, is this Diana, the Huntress, piece. It is, a bow and arrow; and Diana, I would consider, one of the early feminists of our time. Way back in either the Greek or Roman history, please excuse me if I sound like a dummy, but this is one of the pieces that I just think is a lot of fun when you are wearing too, because it is an unexpected piece. And that is what style is all about, is not it?