Ideas for Office Jewelry – Women’s Style

Ideas for Office Jewelry – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Hi, my name is Katie Thompson and I am from KT Collection Jewelry in New York City and I put together a couple of looks that are — can be great for the office. One thing to keep in mind is that with your clothing you really have to think carefully what is appropriate for your office, but with jewelry you can definitely step out of the side of the box a little bit and have a little more fun with it.

So, this necklace is definitely a must have. It is dramatic, it is big, it is perfect for any sort of under a business blouse or with a low neck T-shirt to dress it up and make it work appropriate. Here we have — this is actually a long sterling silver link chain that can be worn as a bracelet, it can be sort of clasped in so many different ways and having something that is versatile like this is really a great idea because you can make it work with any type of neckline, a turtle-neck sweater, a blazer, etcetera.

You definitely need one little tiny necklace in either gold or silver depending on what your metal of choice is. This one here is great, it is dressy but it is still enough to wear everyday, casual enough to wear everyday and I layered it up with another piece to show you that it is also something you it is also something you can dress up in if you are going out after work or also with a dress to make it a bit dressier.

Earrings, you know, tend to kind of have to be on the smaller side usually but you can definitely still have fun with color and with dangles and mix it maybe with a bigger bracelet like here, which is a great way to kind of have something dramatic but still fit your business attire. I love these earrings. They are definitely a longer dangle but because the metals are so fine and they are so light you can definitely get away with going a little bit bigger than usual and they — I call them sneaky sexy because they also have a sexy look to them.

And then also do not be afraid of jewelry with meaning. This for example is a — you know, has peacocks that represent happiness and it can be a conversation piece in a meeting or at work. So, it is also a good way to go when you are picking out something to wear with for example a fitted turtle-neck. It is a longer necklace that hangs here. So remember to have fun with it and definitely, you know, do not be afraid to pick out the pieces that have a bit of personality to liven up the office.