Ideas for Bridal Jewelry – Women’s Style

Ideas for Bridal Jewelry – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Hi, my name is Katie Thompson and I am from KT Collection Jewelry. And when we meet with brides, a lot of times you know the first thing they think of is either a strand of pearls or diamond earrings, which is a wonderful traditional way to go, but there are also other options when you are looking for bridal jewelry. The first thing you should do is definitely decide whether you look better in silver or gold, because this is one day you want to get that right and really pick out something that is going to flatter your coloring as well. One of my favorite combinations is this one. A lot of times it is not necessarily appropriate to do the earrings, necklace and bracelet. If you have a wedding dress which has a lot of detail on it, and has already got a lot going on, it is a great option to do a pair of earrings with a bracelet and you might not really even need a necklace at all.

Instead of a strand of pearls, we also love this necklace. This is a gold nugget necklace. It is extremely classic, it looks wonderful on and it can really be a great substitute to your standard set of pearls. It has a bracelet to go with it and again, it is something a little bit different but still simple enough to not take over the look of your dress. Then there is also a great way to sort of maybe stay traditional and stick with pearls, but to give them a little bit of a different twist, here we have mixed in with sterling and gold nuggets. So it is something different, it is beautiful, it still is traditional because you are using pearls but at the same time it is something a little different than maybe what your mother wore.

Earrings, we have found brides tend to keep them smaller. If you are wearing a necklace, this type of size is perfect. A bigger earrings are great if you are not wearing a necklace at all and you are only matching them with a bracelet. So if you are looking for something that is appropriate for your wedding day, but you are not necessarily the person who wants a strand or pearls or little diamond studs, you can definitely find a designer who will work with you and get something beautiful and appropriate that also is a little bit different as well.