How To Make Your Own DIY Bridal Sash Belt, Applique, Ribbon

How To Make Your Own DIY Bridal Sash Belt, Applique, Ribbon Sash, Accessories

We all love #DIY and it can really help expand the offerings of your business.

Follow along with this comprehensive video that goes over:
1) Unboxing, (customer experience)
2) Sourcing, where I source great #bridaltrims and accessories
3) How to make 2 different sashes
4) How to Organize and Neatly display your sashes and veils
5) Coupon Code for Glory’s House that will give you a discount when active.

When pulling together a bridal sash, you have many choices. You can order from China, I have done that! But the appliques often arrive damaged or cheaply made. They also take a loooong time to get here. You can go the most expensive route and just buy a name brand sash from a bridal gown manufacturer. Those are often great quality, but they can get really expensive. I’ve seen those first hand as well. Over the years, I have found a source that has proven to be the middle of the road for me- great quality, yet affordable, with fast shipping, ( they ship out the same day in most cases!) Check out the video above to learn more about the source that I like to use for beautiful rhinestone appliques!

Glory’s house: coupon code:BSTBESTIES

Veil clips:

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