3 Australian Summer Outfits!!! | Vlog/Lookbook

Here’s a little vlog in store at www.shineboutiques.com.au
3 Australian Summer outfits lookbook!
The following clothing items can be found below…

First outfit – https://www.shineboutiques.com.au/product-page/9c944d07-241f-c4ef-a9e6-5d9212d8a3cb (playsuit version)

Second outfit – https://www.shineboutiques.com.au/product-page/532bc613-893f-2cd2-de8e-a758314e3ee9 (top)
https://www.shineboutiques.com.au/product-page/2e3e4ace-3567-6673-9238-f58687ef812d (shorts)

Third outfit – (not online yet)

Favourite dress – https://www.shineboutiques.com.au/product-page/45430dd6-e101-5994-ece2-f2a231b76ec5

Thank you all so much for watching! Let me know what video’s you would like to see from me!
I hope you enjoy…
Love from Shaniah xxx