How To Pierce Your Ear Safely At Home

I recommend everyone gets their ears and any other piercing done professionally, but if you insist on piercing yourself then please take the correct steps and precautions.
If you have any questions about your piercing or worries and queries please leave a comment and ill reply to you soon.
You will need: a marker, a needle, cotton buds, hand sanitiser, numbing gel if you need it and a clean earring. Sterilise everything first and make sure your hands are clean. I suggest leaving the needle in for about 15 minutes because the hole may close over before you can get your earring in. Try not to touch your new piercing to much and give it salt water soaks about 3 times a day. They say new ear lobe piercings take 6-8 weeks to heal but really if you take good care of it it can be 3-6 weeks. Do not change the earring for atleast 6 weeks.
Leave requests and questions!

I am NOT a professional.

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