The Best Top 5 Super Affordable Watches Under Or Around $100 – Orient, Seiko, Timex, & G-Shock Casio

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is by people just getting in watches or starting to collect them. What is a good piece to start with for a first time buyer at the super affordable level? Just because you can’t spend more then $100 does not mean you can’t get a good watch. Today I share my top 5 recommendations including a super smart Orient Bambino dress watch and one of the best entry level “every day” military watches, the Seiko SNK809. Also we have the ultimate weekend away Timex Intelligent Quartz with some stunning features for the low price. Then to round things off, I add my personal choice into the mix, the supremely robust Casio G-Shock Mudman military, which covers just about every angle. Finally, to finish things off, the Orient Mako, a hugely respect real automatic watch you can actually go diving with.

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